viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Oneness Awakening Course (English version)

Oneness Awakening Course

This course is designed to help you to move beyond mind limitations and structures. To learn that LIFE's purpose is simply TO LIVE, experiencing reality as it IS. So we will  deeply dive inside a variety of teachings I learned and experienced personally in India during my training process, teachings that help to heal and awaken: ancestral teachings and principles about how the universe works; deep personal processes for healing and releasing the negative conditionings from the past; how to create success and growth in all life areas; experience different levels of Oneness; be initiated as Deeksha Giver (Oneness Blessing Giver) for you, your beloved ones and to help the Global Awakening.

A "Oneness Awakening Course" lasts two full days. In this course we receive teachings and we perform excercises and processes to break the negative conditionings we carry on from the past and to begin to be exactly who we are.

The course objective is to initiate a profound Awakening process in each participant.

The Oneness University teachings is a meeting point where all spiritual paths converge. Practitioners of all religions approach to experience more deeply their own faith and their own connection with their own Divine.

During the course we go through various teachings and deep processes of liberation including:

  • The Laws that govern our inner Universe;
  • The formula for Growth and Success;
  • Meditation on the energy centers of the body;
  • The causes of suffering;
  • The relationship with our parents;
  • The relationship with our children;
  • The relationship with our spouse;
  • Personal fulfillment and Self Expansion;
  • The connection with the Higher Self;
  • Mukthi Deeksha Ritual and Consecration of Deeksha Givers.

May 9th-10th 

from 9am to 6pm 
Only upon registration

More information and registration:
Facebook: Marcela Borean
Cel / Whatsapp: +5493548468777

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